1. Typographic Grids.

    Exercise for class using the same body of text to create abstract compositions. My biggest struggle was creating something chaotic…for no reason. The idea was to make something very complex and show control over it at the same time. Design is art with purpose, so I needed a concept before I could make anything worthwhile. 

    Text used:

     “I found my tendency was to prove something, but it shouldn’t be about proving anything really, just making myself better and doing what I know. With any artist, if you just do what you do, people will realize what that is—even artists who have grown over the years, who have so many different identities. I don’t know any artists who started at one place and kept that same identity from the beginning. The artists I’ve looked up to for my whole life have all changed or switched up their sound. People who follow me will expect that. But the one thing that I’ll never let go of is the energy. No matter what it is, if I can play that live…That’s what’s cool about my record: I was testing it live with nobody knowing it and got reactions.” 

    -Excerpt from an interview with Skrillex (http://www.complex.com/covers/skrillex-interview-alien-nation-2014-cover-story/) 

  2. Trying to sketch more.

  3. Anubis forgot about leg day.
Just got a new tablet! I just found out about Sketch Dailies so I thought I would give it a try! Today’s theme was Anubis.

    Anubis forgot about leg day.

    Just got a new tablet! I just found out about Sketch Dailies so I thought I would give it a try! Today’s theme was Anubis.

  4. Had to give up my Wacom tablet today. So sad. He’s lived in my backpack for a year now!

  5. Brochure - Thousand Hills State Park Brochure

    I don’t like brochures. There’s certainly a lot that you can do with them, and you can really have a lot of fun with them, but I did not make this project fun for myself. I did not spend a lot of time on it, and I think that some of the spreads suffer as a result. I really like the ‘Welcome’ though! This was done last minute in an over-caffeinated panic. Lots of other projects were due and I just had to send this to the printer. Getting the copy felt like such a chore. Taking the pictures was fun though! So there’s that. 


    Research: 1 hour
    Layout and design: 5 hours
    Photography/illustration/graphics: 4 hours
    Copy writing: 3 hours
    Production: 1 hour
    Total 14 hours (Under budget: 34 hours)

  6. ChiWen Vodka Commercial - 15 Seconds

    AfterEffects is a strange beast that I hope to understand some day. Working with video is fun! I think. I will have to do more with it. I felt like I hardly even began to even think about scratching the surface of what this program can do. The audio is probably my favorite part of this just because it is so weird. I messed with it a bit and I ended up making it just too scary when I turned the reverb up.

  7. Book Cover - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    I did this project so quickly. I woke up at 7:30 ready for the world, walked into class, immediately got an idea for the cover and got to work. Within four hours I had the artwork digitally painted and most of the dust jacket figured out. Quite the whirlwind! I’m very happy with how this turned out. I think the cover is fun and works well with the story. I made drew it at 400 dpi which meant the inDesign was really chugging whenever i had it placed in a document…which was every document I have, but otherwise it worked out just fine. The barcode was a  fun little addition. It probably could have been spiced up a little bit more but I did not want to put too much time into that. I had never thought about point of purchases before, and I think my solution was simple and effective. You could put them in a store either all together or spread throughout the store. 


    Hardcover Dust Jacket: 2 hours

    Audio Packaging: 3 hours

    In-store Point of Purchase display: 1 hours

    iTunes & iBooks cover art: 30 mind

    Illustration and/or Photography: 4 hours

    Total: 10 hours and 30 mins. Under budget (24 Hours)

  8. Beverage Label, 6 Pack Design - ChiWen Vodka, Vodka Straight from the Dragon’s Mouth

    Had a lot of fun with this project. I was not liking what I had at first, but once I threw that away I was much happier! I imagined the posters to be an ad campaign that would appeal to people looking for a drink with a little more kick to it. The box was difficult to construct, but it went smoothly after having someone point at each corner saying exactly where it would go and when to cut it! 

    Once I had the dragon illustration and an idea of the look and feel I was going for it was relatively easy to figure out a design and layout. I knew I wanted it clean, and to have emphasis on the dragon. I had originally wanted to go for a porcelain look, and I sort of gave up on it for a while, but I think I achieved something at least reminiscent of porcelain. Also I was very happy to have some photos already taken to go with my idea, I especially love the fire photograph. Thank goodness for the storm that occurred that allowed me to take some cloud photos and videos.

    The logo font I chose was Raleway and I have since fallen in love with it. 


    Label: 4-color process
    Layout and Design - 5.0 hrs
    Final Art production - 1.0 hr
    Artwork/graphics/illustrations - 4.0 hrs

    Carrier package: 4-color process
    Layout and Design - 1.0 hrs
    Final Art production - 30 mins
    Artwork/graphics/illustrations - 30 mins

    Branding campaign: 4-color process - 3 poster series, retask for 3 magazine ads
    Layout and Design - 2.0 hrs
    Final Art production - 30 mins

    Artwork/graphics/illustrations/photography- 1.0 hrs

    15 Second commercial spot - 2.0 hours

    Total: 17 Hours and 30 Minutes. Under Budget (28 Hours)

  9. TurnWrightHere.com →

    My new portfolio website! 

    Designed and coded by yours truly.

  10. Infographic taking a look at the countries of origin for the top 100 DJs. 
*Based on DJMag’s 2013 Top 100 DJ List

    Infographic taking a look at the countries of origin for the top 100 DJs. 

    *Based on DJMag’s 2013 Top 100 DJ List